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New Visitor Centre Opened on 3rd July. See here for more information!




Welcome to Giants Causeway Official Guide

Foreword by Dr David BellamyDavid Bellamy

"You are standing on, or are about to visit, one of my favourite places. The jewel in the crown of the fabulous coast of Antrim. A site of World Heritage and therefore ranked alongside Mount Everest and the Giant Redwoods of California for it's importance to humankind.

Volcanic activity helped Finn Mc Cool forge this wonder of the World some 60 Million years ago.

It is today the habitat of rare plants and animals. Please treat their home with the pride and the care it deserves - A reminder of the past - a Causeway to all our futures."  


David Bellamy

  On this site you will find information about the history of the Causeway along with information on how to get here and what facilities are on offer once your here.  


Please donate some money to The Giants Causeway guide.  50% of all donations will go to the National Trust charity to help with maintaining the area, with the other 50% going towards maintaining this site.  Payments will be sent via PointandPress Limited.


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